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How To Make Your Data Clear and Interesting

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Just the thought of columns of numbers is enough to make some people's eyes glaze over — maybe even yours! But as a business owner, you know how important data is for your company. After all, data helps you keep track of your inventory, customers, and profits. There are ways to make data clearer and more interesting, and this involves data visualization. Read on to learn more.

Data Visualization

First, it's important to know that data visualization isn't as complex as it sounds. To put it simply, data visualization uses visuals, such as maps, charts, graphs, tables, and infographics, to present data in a way that's easy to understand. You probably remember most of these from your school days, and you might also recall how much simpler they were to grasp than long explanations. The same holds true for your business data.

Internal Operations Assistance

Data visualization can be of great assistance to the internal operations of your company. Think, for instance, about how helpful it would be to track your inventory using a set of graphs that show what's on hand, how much is being sold, and what's on order. Your accounting department can also make excellent use of data visualization by creating tables and charts that show your company's income, expenses, profits and losses.

Marketing Help

You can also use data visualization to great effect in your marketing. Just think how much you can show your customers about how your business is growing and how it can better serve them. You might, for instance, send out email newsletters with infographics that show the growth of your business in several areas. Your customers will be impressed.

Growth Tracking

Your investors will also be impressed if you use data visualization to show them how your company is growing. You use plenty of data to track that growth, so present it in a way that's appealing and accessible. Let your investors examine profit margin charts, pie graphs of customer categories, and a table showing comparisons in sales over several years.

Make sure you use accessible formats as you share your data. You can, for instance, try a PDF to JPG online converter to help you extract necessary graphics and maintain their quality as you put together a report that will impress your investors.

Tools To Use

You might be wondering how to create all these wonderful data visualization devices. It actually isn't so hard because there are plenty of tools available to help. Many of these are available online, and some are even free. Others require a monthly subscription. You provide the data and tell the software tool what kind of graphic you'd like to make. It does the rest based on the perimeters you set. Don't neglect the infographic templates available online for your convenience, either.

Fascinating Data

The data produced by your company is fascinating to you. If you make good use of data visualization, that data can be just as fascinating to everybody else. Join your local chamber of commerce to connect with other businesses and find out about their data visualization strategies.


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